Saturday, December 15, 2007

Adidas 5 Year Anniversary, DUMBO & Joes Pub

All the peeps were out ..

shyam, chapman, martin, min, and rico

DJ Jaclyn (of the Bangers) and crew

Gary Hunt and Game Rebellion

DJ Language and James Friedman

shetal and friend

unknown, min, martin, and myself

Down to the goods.
(Photography isnt permitted in the store so you truly are getting a sneak peak.)

thanks to gary for hooking me up with the second pair of kicks in this line - up ...

I loved everything about this bag except the price tag. Great travel bag!

I couldnt get enough of the bites provided by Dantes' Fried Chicken. Bangin'!

a little bit of love from the staff ...

and closing out the night Game Rebellion

After the event I met up with the ladies and hit a new mexican restaurant in Dumbo

i was faded after several rounds of serious shots and beers ...

we attempted a pic along the waterfront but alas it was a bit windy

back in the city, we venture to Joes Pub for a night of raggae ..unfortunately I never caught the name of the group ...

some pics of the crew ...

had to throw this final pic in because the guy made me delete most of the pics I took but I managed to spare one. this rhasta man had a table with vintage pictures lined up and burned herbs for prayer. It was quite intriguing ...

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