Monday, January 28, 2008

Mickey Avalon at Snitch

So I'm a slacker and still catching up on 2007 photos. What can I say really? Blogging takes time and with the NYC grind I tend to not have too much on my hands.

(Nov 07)
Christian, myself and Kimyon kickin it ...

The place was packed like a sardine can! It was actually pretty annoying but nonetheless stoked Mickey is filling the venues.

Vegas, Christian, and Friend

Mickey Avalon performance

Kev holdn' down the turntables...

Andre Legacy and Dirt Nasty take the stage ..

Simon Rex aka "dirt nasty" performing with the "plastic twins" as back up dancers

"Dirt Nasty", Mickey Avalon, and Andre Legacy

Just after his NYC performance a Boost Mobile commercial launched with Mickey Avalon, Jermain Dupri and Young Jeezy.
Boost Anthem 2.0

Sia Concert

Got an IM from my friend Vasili offering me comps to Sia's concert later that night at Highline Ballroom. Can you say STOKED! I'm definitely a sucker for a good female vocalist but have been a fan of Sia since her collaboration with Zero 7 back in the day.

Here she is holding it down live in a youtube video I found .. the girl has some serious talent to say the least..her video is pretty sweet too

Some pics of the show ... Her and her band kicked it off wearing glow in the dark costumes.

few songs into the show.. costumes came off and the stage illuminated ..

Thanks again to Vasili (KISSES)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

halloween mayhem ...

Pre - Halloween @ Drinkwaters

shetal as a chola

disco kids getting their dance on ...

my friend Martin and I

the priest getting dirty for the camera.. lol .. totally staged ;-)

Halloween Night kicked off at the Neckface solo art show (Closed Casket)at the Dactyl art gallery

Nicole workin it out ..

the eyes lit up on these bats and actually looked as though they were flying

You can check out more photos of the show on the cobrasnake site

bounced out and ran into president reagan as we headed to a loft party on broadway

we were greeted with free flowing shots upon entering .. charlie chaplin was in the house..

free food and booze .. mark (cobrasnake) was getting his dinner on ..

the acrobats and entertainment were pretty sweet ...

Stopped into the Bowery Hotel for a minute. So many rooms (indoor and outdoors), so many peeps decked out in costumes, paul sevigny's band played, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Somehow managed to catch up with Jody amongst the crowds of peeps....(Jody, Nicole and I)

More pics of the party via cobrasnake

Finally dipped out and made it over to "The Box" for some debauchery with the lovely Lupe...PLACE WAS PACKED, the entire venue was the stage, and clothes were minimal to non-existant at times.

Lupe and Nicole ...

we had legz for days.. can you guess who's? (Lupe, Nicole, Myself, and Serge)

Sean and Nicole

Nicole and Lupe brought it ..

the stage at the end of the night.. definitely had set the tone of the evening ;-)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards

Paper Mag Nightlife Awards

For the third year in a row, a who's who of the freaks that make up the New York nightlife world came out to drink, be merry and get up to no good at PAPER Magazine's Nightlife Awards, presented by, and held this year at the lovely and disco-ball-heavy Spotlight Studios in Times Square. Perez Hilton hosted; Lady Bunny DJ-ed; Q-Tip performed; Dos Equis and Svedka kindly provided the bevvies; shenanigans ensued. Highlights included:
Jackson Pollis, the (is he legal yet?) "fourth" Misshape filling in for absentee presenters Benjamin Cho and Moby. "You may know me from my Grammy-winning album Play featuring Gwen Stefani," he deadpanned.

Village Voice columnist Michael Musto, gay porn bad-boy Michael Lucas and PAPER's Mickey Boardman super-bantering during the People's Choice Awards segment of the evening, which devolved into a discussion of who on stage was a "bottom" and Michael Lucas bearing his six-pack.

Perez Hilton karaoke-ing to "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"

Seeing the issue of PAPER on a jumbo screen outside of Spotlight Studios shining onto Times Square. We were kind of tearing up!

Perez Hilton making models Coco Rocha and Behati Prinsloo (whose name he didn't even pretend to be able to pronounce) walk the runway (i.e. the stage) and telling them if they wanted to make it onto his blog, they best make out. They didn't, alas. But still made it onto his blog.

Sally Singer and Andre J making a perfectly absurd and wonderful presenting duo!

The identically-dressed Six Six Sick girls winning the award for Best Party and Jordan Silver (whose party Circus 68 did not win) going up and throwing the microphone onto the stage.

Presenters Luigi Tadini and Kate Schelter -- they're just really, really cute.

Lady Bunny and (a disrobed) Andre J having what appeared to be a dance-off following the awards and preceding Q-Tip.

Q-Tip, Q-Tip and more Q-Tip! He played a medium-length, quite amazing set, featuring new stuff and old chestnuts like Electric Relaxation (from his Tribe days), "Breathe and Stop" and "Vivrant Thing." Clad in sweatpants and a long-sleeved T-shirt, Q-Tip tore the house down. His new album, The Renaissance is out Dec. 18.

And the Winners Are...

Best New Club: The Box
Best New Bar: The Anchor
Best Party: Six Six Sick
Best Gay Night: Cuckoo Club
Best DJ: Jacques Renault
Best Hotel with a Nightlife Scene: Bowery Hotel
Best Restaurant with a Nightlife Scene: Gemma
Best Nightlife Photographer: Cobrasnake
Best Designer with Influence on Nightlife: Threeasfour

People's Choice:

Best Bar: Happy Ending
Best Club: The Box
Best Gay Night: Sundays at Metropolitan
Best DJ: Roxy Cottontail
Best Party: Cheeky Bastard

PAPER TV was there...
Magical Paper Awards by Cobrasnake

view of the stage ...

Yours truly ...

thomas onorato making an appearance

Larry T and Perez Hilton

Dos XX girls ...

Paper Mag Family ..

from what I hear the boy on the left and right are well known gay porn stars ...

the lovely Miss Nicole Nelch and Stuart Diaz of Mr. Black

the "happy guys" .. Adrian Gallo of Double Happiness and Oliver Pihlar of Happy Ending

Q tip closed out the night and KILLED IT!