Sunday, November 11, 2007

Converse Century Event

October 17th & 18th ..

We Are Supervision needed a screenprinting assistant to help run a booth for a private converse event.

thanks to natalie for linking me up with this gig..

Converse Century - 100 years of disruption

Patrick in the booth ..

Shirts provided were John Varvatos for Converse . Guests could pick their t-shirt or tanks along with their favorite type of music and we would custom screen print on-site a design of their choosing.

these were the screens ... you could choose from rock, hip hop, folk, techno, disco,pop, and rock & roll

Here's a shirt I picked with my music selections and pattern that I had Patrick create for me ..

Here Patrick shows us how to screen print a shirt. The process takes about 3 min to complete. Start with your screen and place on top of your shirt ...

take your sponge handle with paint and pull it down over the screen several times.

Place under the dryer ..

heat for 2 or 3 minutes and your good to go ..

Apparently the entire process starts with this .. ..

Patrick let me play screenprinter for a while so I made a few shirts of my own. Cant show you these because I made them for friends that have yet to recieve them. Definitely a little more advanced that the ones shown aboved..stay tuned ..

So I took my comfy new kicks and toured the 4 level brownstone rented for this particular event.

Complimentary drinks upon entering and catered bites were passed ...

bi- level 1: John Varvatos for Converse

Bi-level 2: Converse Basketball

Bi-level 3: Converse 1Hund(RED) Artists
(First basement level)
Converse (RED) program is a program established by BONO of U2 to help reduce the effects of AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis within Africa."

Bi-level 4: Converse Century
(2nd basement level) focused on the history of the converse

white rubber astronaut moon boot

earliest known converse shoe

WWII airman's boot

Standard Issue: WWII basic training sneaker by converse

Congrats on 100 years Converse

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