Sunday, January 27, 2008

halloween mayhem ...

Pre - Halloween @ Drinkwaters

shetal as a chola

disco kids getting their dance on ...

my friend Martin and I

the priest getting dirty for the camera.. lol .. totally staged ;-)

Halloween Night kicked off at the Neckface solo art show (Closed Casket)at the Dactyl art gallery

Nicole workin it out ..

the eyes lit up on these bats and actually looked as though they were flying

You can check out more photos of the show on the cobrasnake site

bounced out and ran into president reagan as we headed to a loft party on broadway

we were greeted with free flowing shots upon entering .. charlie chaplin was in the house..

free food and booze .. mark (cobrasnake) was getting his dinner on ..

the acrobats and entertainment were pretty sweet ...

Stopped into the Bowery Hotel for a minute. So many rooms (indoor and outdoors), so many peeps decked out in costumes, paul sevigny's band played, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Somehow managed to catch up with Jody amongst the crowds of peeps....(Jody, Nicole and I)

More pics of the party via cobrasnake

Finally dipped out and made it over to "The Box" for some debauchery with the lovely Lupe...PLACE WAS PACKED, the entire venue was the stage, and clothes were minimal to non-existant at times.

Lupe and Nicole ...

we had legz for days.. can you guess who's? (Lupe, Nicole, Myself, and Serge)

Sean and Nicole

Nicole and Lupe brought it ..

the stage at the end of the night.. definitely had set the tone of the evening ;-)

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