Monday, February 18, 2008


(Friday, Dec 14 2007)

So for our holiday party, I was able to convince the president of our company to take the office to dinner and to the latest Fuerza Bruta show at the Darrell Roth Theater.

No camera flash is allowed but here are the shots I was able to capture.

not sure if you can see the girl inside there immersed in water? both are spinning in motion...

this looked like too much fun! these girls were running on the wall doing flips and flying through the air..

something about this shot I simply love.

mid air rotating disc - notice the girl suspended

mid air rotating disc - notice the girl suspended on one side and the guy suspended on the other as it spun

suspended in water in mid air


this girl was arm's length away

she was looking for me ...

I think I've been found ..

ouch.. is she doing the splits?

dead man's float

every straight man's fantasy?

and that's a wrap ...

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