Monday, August 13, 2007

Virgin Festival - Day 2

Day 2: Hit up the private lounge and caught a show with Scotty the blue bunny doing a lil baton twirling and comedy act. I heart this bunny! He introduced a cute show but I never caught the name of the act! was rad!!

Carter holding it down on behalf of Virgin with Natasha and Shay by his side. Big UP's to Carter for hooking up the VIP after party!!

Our crew hit the South stage for Explosions in the sky .. Natasha, Shay and Shetal kickn it.

Mike Cohen of Shut NYC and myself getting our drink on! (photo by Craig Weathery)

The rain gods looked like they were going to drop some unpleasant weather so we made a dash to the North stage to catch the Smashing Pumpkins and were able to get back stage.

Not sure how well you can see this but this is the sea of people from behind the black curtain awaiting the performance.

Jumped on a golf cart and were dropped off by the dance tent to catch the final act MIA. If you cant tell its raining .....

MIA was SICK! She even pulled a handful of peeps on stage to dance with her. Girl was holding it down! I pulled this from her blog ...

COME AROUND REMIX BY DJ ELIesoc + demo of some other bit i foundan amzing “we be on it on it” buy any beans neccessary g frombaltimore gave me this to play out coz he said he was already playinit out……….i wanted you folks to have it, here you go, its good gettin somin whenits this good.
i did a 2nd verse on that track that didnt make it
i got my mind on my money but life can be way more funyou can put your love in a gun but thats what keeps us on the runi dont need to blow my spot or put you on blast to sell my onerun run talk is done , come down if you wanna get somei give them the run run run and make us dance on the dum dum dumin a sceret museum i walk on the wildside come come comeenter the stadium see the primal queen of a new kindombuss out on new systems i mash up things to make us one!

Above is the view from Virgin Festival as we were leaving ..thats a wrap kidz .. its time to go home!
P.S. I've got the cutest and funniest pic of Shetal going to the bathroom between two cars but I'm certain she'd kill me if I posted it ;-)

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