Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dinner and Theme Magazine Party

Got an invite to Diego's for a lovely dinner cooked by Lupe. We dined, drank, and hung out for a bit before heading upstairs for the Theme Magazaine collaboration party with Kangol. I snapped some pics before we headed out. The boyz had this random wall of hair that reminded me of that movie "The Grudge". I'd link to it but I just really dont want any affiliation to a flick like that.

loved these flowers ....

isnt Diego's tattoo a riot!! haha

and on to the party .....

Marcus and Amy of KCDC

Amy and I

Jodi and Nicole

Diego of Supreme

Mint of canal chapter gettin' his drink on ...

the ladies ...

DJ Neil Armstrong

Miles trying to steal one of the custom hats only to get the smackdown by Marcella moments later. haha

Amy and Marcella of Kangol

Kelli of Complex Mag looking as beautiful as ever.

we bounced out and brought the party back downstairs to Diego's before calling it a night ...

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