Friday, July 13, 2007

Barcelona - Day 1

After some serious travel hours I finally made it to Barcelona... got a cell phone sorted, dropped my stuff at our apartment next to the Macba (Barcelona's Museum of Art aka skateboarders heaven) freshened up and hit the streets .... My partners in crime awaited ...

stumbled upon a candy store with a fresh made batch.. best candy I've ever tasted.. was was warm on the inside and melted in you mouth.. mmmm...I turned around to find Nicole showing off a huge candy penis .. alex's expression .. fucking priceless!! haha
meals in barcelona takes place during specific hours and beyond that most restaurants are closed. so we scoured the streets and finally found a place across from the beach ... fresh seafood and cerveza ... we were famished ..
courtyards and markets are prominent here ...fresh fruits and seafood is where its at
little rest and we hit the town (its 4th of July in the states) Kick off the night at Betty Ford's (I think the name says it all). Hit up Club 13 for the 10 Deep/Crooks & Castles 4th of July Blow Up and closed it out at Otto Zutz Club for the launch of Frank France mag . The Burton and Etnies boys holdin' it down.....

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