Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 6: Barcelona

We woke up and grabbed some breakfast and hit the streets with our peeps. This area reminded me of Times Square in NYC. The block is lined with people in extravagent painted costumes to make money. The guys on the right were smart. They blind you with a mirror every time you try and take a picture until you give them money. Only then can you snap a proper photo.
Doesnt this guy remind you of that movie Big Trouble in Little China?
We popped over to the Trust Nobody Store and found Julio had put Scott to work ;-)
Thanks to Julio for hookn me up with a rad shirt! Here he is hard at work ...
we bounced out and started wandering into vintage shops and misc. stores around the city. I snapped a ton of graffiti shots along the way ...
the picture on the right was a glass wall connected to the MACBA
The store on the left had some SICK lowrider bikes..
we made a quick stop into the museum of xocolata (aka museum of chocolate) and I snapped a few of the custom chocolates ...
This was a sweet looking vespa I saw outside of the museum.
more graffiti ....
The camper hotel entrance ... you cant actually gain access to the rest of the hotel unless you are a guest apparently.

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