Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Barcelona Day 2 - Night out with Etnies

Yes thats right... You do NOT need an eye exam..its STILL day 2 in Barcelona. The sun doesnt go down until 10pm or so on this side of the world.. meaning dinner starts around 1030pm ... we were invited to have dinner with Soletechnology CEO and Founder Pierre Andre Senizergues and his awesome team... we got a lil tipsy then got our party on!

Dinner was at a restaurant called El Asador De Aranda "known for its traditional Castillian gatronomy. Sheparding is a way of life in these lands and the Churra sheep from this region plays an important role in the cuisine. They specialize in roasted lamb cooked in a clay oven." I'll spare you the image of the lamb since it could look like a vegetarian nightmare ;-) After dinner we headed over to club sala apollo for the Vice Mag and Lee party. Talent included The Rakes, The Teenagers, Thee Earls, The Whip, DJ Coco, and Simon Spacerock. (FREE BOOZE ALL NIGHT) It was nearly impossible to get to the bar so we bounced out fairly quickly ....

and headed over to club fellini for the vans party ...... the club by far was the best we had been to all week.. good music in EVERY room.. wasnt quite sure of what made it a vans party tho?

stay tuned for more fellini pictures..

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