Monday, March 17, 2008

Converse to launch Kurt Cobain collection

Who wasnt a Nirvana fan back in the day? The band spearheaded the Grunge movement in the early 90's and had countless hits like Smells Like Teen Spirit, Heart Shaped Box, In Bloom , Lithium, Man Who Sold the World, All Apologies, Seasons in the Sun, About a girl, and Oh Me.

Kurt Cobain was without a doubt an icon in his time. I even recall visiting the infamou bench in Viretta Park . (Thanks to my dear friend Kany for taking me there! I probably wouldnt have found it otherwise.)

Here's a little Lake of Fire tribute video I stumbled upon and thought I'd share. His music will forever live on.

About Kurt Cobain Collection ..

According to Nirvana Club, Converse will honor Kurt Cobain by debuting their Kurt Cobain Collection. Dont worry its apparently recieved the green light from widowed Courtney Love and the Cobain Estate. Hey She's still has their daughter to take care of right? The collection will kick off in May and will "feature artwork and scribbles borrowed from Cobain's personal notebooks. It will mark a central part of the year-long 100th Anniversary 'Welcome to the Converse Century' celebration."

"To further pay tribute to the late singer, three of the Converse shoes that Cobain was often seen wearing will be reflected in the new collection which includes versions of Chuck Taylor All Star, Jack Purcell and One Star shoes.

The shoes will be made available in black and white versions and should retail for around $50 - $65. I personally would consider picking up the Jack Purcel's or the One Star kicks upon further inspection....

One Star kicks:

The Jack Purcel & One Star shoes "have wear and fray detailing and Kurt Cobain's signature subtly embroidered on the shoe's outer."

Jack Purcel Kicks:

Chuck Taylor Allstar:

"Distressed in the way Kurt Cobain wore them, the shoes provide a rarely seen glimpse into the head of this musical and lyrical genius with sketches that display his hopes, dreams and lyrics from amazing songs such as Come As You Are."

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Anonymous said...

OMG!!!This is the perfect tribute to Kurt - he was a Pisces, and Pisces rules the feet! I love Kurt & I love Cons!