Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wi Fi in the Sky - JetBlue Introduces BetaBlue

Seems like just yesterday I was booking JetBlue flights for myself and my crew for our first NYC visit. Rewind to 6 years ago, Jetblue had just launched inexpensive non-stop flights with comfy leather seats, no first class, and 36 free channels of live tv at every seat. It was simply unheard of!

Fast forward to present day and JetBlue is making yet another milestone.


Only one plane, called the BetaBlue aircraft, has the Wi-Fi capabilities to access the Internet in the sky

Here's some info I pulled from their website:

Taste the future of in-flight experience on JetBlue’s BetaBlue aircraft, an Airbus A320 with email and instant messaging services above 10,000 feet. These services are free to customers and provided exclusively by JetBlue and LiveTV™, Yahoo!®, and BlackBerry®.

Customers traveling on this aircraft can use their Wi-Fi® enabled smartphones, BlackBerries and laptops* to virtually connect to home and work via Yahoo!® Mail, Yahoo! ® Messenger and BlackBerry email and BlackBerry® Messenger services**. Additional features can be expected in the near future on BetaBlue. Click here to learn more about BetaBlue.

So if you find yourself flying on our BetaBlue, sit back, relax and enjoy the complimentary snacks and drinks, 36 channels of DIRECTV® at every seat, and now, wireless onboard. JetBlue is proud to be the first domestic airline to offer this kind of connectivity to its customers, free of charge.

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