Monday, March 17, 2008

Remedy for Wet Cell Phone

Ever dropped your cell phone in water? Here's a tip on how to resuscutate your phone ..

I recently dropped my Razr phone in water (don't ask what kind...) and
it stopped working. Big surprise, I know. I quickly removed the SIM
card and battery and allowed the phone to dry out. The next day I
replaced the card and battery, but the thing still would not power up.

So I went to the ATT store to see if they could get the phone to work;
no such luck. However, the saleswoman told me that two older women,
who had been in the store earlier, said that one had dropped her phone
in the pool on a cruise and someone suggested she submerge the phone
in dry rice overnight. Before I shelled out another $400 for a phone
(good excuse to buy that iPhone), I decided to try the crazy remedy.

I once again removed the SIM card and battery, filled a bowl with rice
(my choice was Carolina, but I'm sure a store brand would suffice) and
floated the phone in the middle of the rice pile. Then I marveled at
my gullibility and added "buy new phone" in my schedule for the next
day. The next morning, I replaced the SIM card and battery once again,
and the phone actually powered up!! The rice had drawn out and
absorbed all of the moisture from the phone and resuscutated it!!

This is not an urban legend; I actually did this and my phone is
working once again. Who knew?!

I recently recieved this email and wouldnt you know it my roomate dropped her cell phone in water a few weeks later. I suggested she try this so she took a chance. Better than dropping $250+ for a new phone right? So she tested this theory. Placed the rice in a bowl, placed the cell phone on top, and decided to place a fan over it overnight to help expediate the process. Next day came about.. IT POWERED UP! and once again fuctioning normally again.


Anonymous said...

I'm about to do what you've suggested!
Hopefully it would work on my Nokia phone too!

First said...

I did all that but and the phone worked now when it needs charging it will not take charge. Tab on battery is red but someone @ radion shack told me battery is still good leave phone on dashboard of ca r in hot sun.We will see?

Tina said...

Hi, so far it's working for me too. I accidentally put a pair of pants in the washing machine not realizing my phone was in the pocket. By the time I realized it, it was pretty badly submerged. I posted this frustrating even on Facebook and a girl responded with the rice suggestion. Yes, I was skeptical but did not have the $ for a replacement. SO FAR IT IS WORKING! The phone even powered up and I can see my contacts. I can still see some water trapped in the screen so I will leave it the rest of the night in the rice. To any who try this, make sure your screen is facing downward on the rice since the screen is typically what retains the most water. The phone may still not be "right" but I will find out tomorrow when I try to make calls with it.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't read this, but I heard about this from my mom. I had actually washed my cell phone in the washer, forgetting it was in my pants...I put my phone in a plastic bag in rice, and it really did work! And my phone is a lg rhythm, a very touchy phone. Try this remedy, it really does work.

Tim said...

Just dropped my phone in the lake and recovered it. I have it in rice, but how long do you leave it there.

Susan said...

I dropped my phone in the pool, and rice did not work, but I found a bag on the internet called Cell Phone Rescue, and it brought my phone back to life. According to their directions- DO NOT TRY TO POWER ON YOUR PHONE UNTIL YOU DRY IT OUT. I had heard this so I had not tried but once after the rice, so luckily had not shorted out my battery or phone.

Anonymous said...

So last night I dropped my phone in the sink while washing my face and had already known about this phone in rice trick so I actually tried it. My phone is an android phone (samsung continuum) so it's entirely touch screen, and is constantly attached to me because I love it so much. It's vitally important that I have it. I put it in a bag of rice screen down at about 11pm and took it out at about 10 am and so far so good!!! It actually works so thank goodness I don't have to fork out any money to repair it or buy a new one.